5 Spring Cleaning Hacks that Actually Work

Does anyone else get the urge to start spring cleaning when the weather warms up and the days grow longer? I started spring cleaning a few weeks ago when the weather was quite nice. However, the day I am writing this, it snowed. But, since I’ve already started my spring cleaning, I can’t stop now, right?

5 spring cleaning hacks that actually work

Over the years, I have done a lot of cleaning for family members, clients, and myself. Throughout those years, I have always been trying to find fast and efficient ways to clean difficult areas. These five tips that I am sharing today have been proven to fit those qualifications.

1. Salt and dirt covered boot tray

I love having a boot tray at my door for the winter season because it traps all the excess dirt and salt that always manages to cling to my boots. However, even the tray itself needs a little care, especially when spring rolls around. After trying various methods to clean it with little success, I was excited when I tried this hack, and it actually worked.

Shake off or vacuum up the lose dirt. Mix together a solution of 1/2 part water to 1/2 part vinegar. Pour this mixture over the tray and let sit for a few minutes. Scrub with a sponge or cloth (paper towel tends to not be quite sturdy enough). This requires very little scrubbing and removes the salt stains excellently.

cleaning boot tray
A vinegar and water solution effectively cleans salty boot trays

2. Dusty lampshades

I’ve seen this hack on Pinterest millions of times (maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it feels like it). Of course, I had to give it a try. You simply take a lint roller that you would normally use on your clothes and use it on the lampshades. You’ll be surprised at how dusty your lampshades actually were when you see the grey dust collecting on your white lint roller.

cleaning lampshade
A lint roller is an excellent tool for cleaning dusty lampshades

3. Fuzzy sofa

I have a woven fabric sofa which tends to get “fuzzy” with use. It’s especially annoying when the fuzz is dark and clearly seen. I’ve always loved using a fabric defuzzer on my wool coat, sweaters, and other clothing items. So, the idea suddenly came to me one day to try it on my sofa. When I was done, my sofa looked new!

fuzzy sofa
A fabric defuzzer works well to remove fuzz from a woven fabric sofa

4. Tub ring

It’s no secret how much I love vinegar! It works well on a variety of surfaces (not so good on wood), but I really like to use it when cleaning the soap ring on my bathtub. It works best undiluted, but gloves are essential when going with that method, since it tends to dry out your skin. After pouring the vinegar on a scrub brush (avoid a metal scrub brush that will scratch your tub and rust easily), scrub the soap ring. If necessary, pour a little extra vinegar directly onto the ring. However, I have found that when doing this, the vinegar tends to run down into the tub where it is not actually needed. Pouring it directly on the scrub brush seems to work the best.

cleaning soap ring on bathtub
Vinegar works exceptionally well to remove soap rings on your bathtub

5. Toilet bowl

Using dish soap to clean the toilet bowl, leaves it shiny and smelling fresh. Squirt a little dish soap around the top edge of the toilet bowl, let sit for a few minutes, then scrub with your toilet brush. Spring cleaning is also a great opportunity to replace your toilet brush.

cleaning toilet with dish soap
Dish soap leaves your toilet smelling fresh

I hope you find these hacks as helpful as I have. Let me know in the comments your favourite spring cleaning hacks.

Happy cleaning!


3 Essential Household Books

With Google and Pinterest at our fingertips, we sometimes forget the value of the printed book. Especially when it comes to techniques and tips for household and life skills. The thing is, not everything online can be trusted. Anyone, whether expert or not, can post instructions and tips for things they may have never even tried. A book is different. A book takes a lot of work, time, and money which requires the author to be fully engaged in their content. Nobody is going to spend money on a book that isn’t practical and reliable. For me, there is something inspirational and rewarding about thumbing through the pages of a trusted resource. That is why today, I want to share with you three of my favourite books that every household should own.

The Organized Life

Secrets of an Expert Organizer
Stephanie Denton

The Organized Life

I purchased this book several years ago on a whim when I saw it on the clearance table at a local bookstore. I’ve read it many times, and each time I feel my organization juices running! Divided into 12 area-specific chapters (such as closets), this book allows you to choose where you want to start. Although the first chapter should be read before anything else. In that chapter, Denton expertly describes the cost of clutter and gives techniques on how to deal with it. This book’s colourful and creative format makes it an easy read. Since every page contains valuable and inspirational tips and tricks, you might find yourself jumping up to tackle that area/topic before even getting to the next page! This book can still be purchased online so don’t delay! Purchase at Amazon.ca or Amazon

Household Hints & Handy Tips

Reader’s Digest

household hints & handy tips

Published in 1988 before the invention of Google, this book contains a plethora of tips not only for your house but also for everything from first aid to personal care. It includes instruction for repairing plumbing, polishing shoes, applying makeup, treating animal bites, and toilet training your child! My copy was given to me by mom who received it as a Christmas gift from my grandmother many years ago. Even though I love to use Google, I could never part with this tangible, information-packed publication. The good news is, this book can be purchased online at Amazon.ca or Amazon.

MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook

For the farmgirl in all of us
MaryJane Butters

maryjanes ideabook cookbook lifebook

Don’t let the tagline of this book deceive you. This book is for more than just the farmgirl (although I personally self-identify as one). Butters shares topics ranging from making sourdough biscuits in the “Each Other” section to building a wall tent in the “Outpost” section. In between, she shares food storage and cooking tips in “Farm Kitchen,” basic sewing techniques in “Sewing Room,” and metal and woodworking projects in “Make it Easy.” These are just a few of the broad range of topics discussed. More can also be found in the “Garden Gate” and “Cleaning Up” sections. This books is full of high-quality, beautiful photos as well as stories from MaryJanes own personal experiences as a wilderness ranger, entrepreneur, and a true-blue farmgirl. Purchase online at MaryJane’s Farm Shop.

Happy reading and have a blessed weekend!


Sunrise Cleaning Challenge

I am super excited to be participating in a Sunrise Cleaning Challenge on YouTube hosted by Inspired by Nikki. The purpose of the challenge was get up before sunrise and be ready to start cleaning. That way the rest of the day could be spent doing something else. Face it, we would all rather be doing something other than cleaning!

Watch my video here:

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Next week, I will return to my Saturday posting.

Until then, God Bless,